About Us


Our Philosophy

At Prestige Blinds we believe your window coverings perform three vital tasks in your home or business:

1. Aesthetics - They control the influx of natural sunlight into your home for optimal ambiance and comfort.

2. Improved Efficiency - They provide enhanced thermal efficiency to your windows which in turn lowers your HVAC bills.

3. Privacy - They keep harmful UV rays and the wandering gaze of thieves and vandals away from your furnishings.

 At Prestige Blinds, we take these responsibilities very seriously, and stand firmly by each of our products as an exceptional investment into the comfort, security and value of your property.



 All of our window treatments are customized to fit your specific needs. In addition, they are of the highest quality, and typically come with a manufacturer's warranty that protects your investment for multiple years. 


Customer Service

 Our experienced consultants will advise you on the most appropriate window treatments for your needs. They will review available options regarding styles, materials and the suitability of use in specific locations.  



 Not only do we want to find the perfect fit, but we also want to find the perfect price. Is that specific covering out of your price range? You're in luck! During our session, our consultants will ALWAYS provide you with alternatives that are very similar options at different price points. 



 Whether you're a project manager pressed against a deadline or a new homeowner in the process of closing, turn around time is always a vital factor. At Prestige Blinds, we work hard to ensure that your project is not only completed on time but is completed to perfection! We work closely with our manufacturers to make certain that your coverings are shipped the moment they are finished. In addition, our highly skilled Installation Specialists are typically available to perform your install when it's most convenient for you!  


Best Selection of Window Treatments


No home or office is complete without window treatments, and at Prestige Blinds, LLC we're equipped to deliver the perfect solution for you! Choose from our wide range of blinds and shades in materials ranging in size, shape, texture, durability and cost. Our experienced experts will assist you in picking out door or window blinds that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. When you're looking for a stylish and affordable way to beat the heat and reduce glare, look no further than Prestige Blinds!